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A Little About Us

We were driving Sprints, we were relying on our own performance; then we decided to compete endurance races. This is how DnA Motorsports has been created: just drivers collaborating to achieve a team performance and win as a team.

Official races or not, we strive to demonstrate performance and passion without neglecting fair-play and trusts for all stakeholders.


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Clever System

We ensure partnering with DnA Motorsports will fit within your corporate strategy in order to maximize the benefits for your company. Because sponsorship is not just about stickers and livery.

Smart Diversification

Diversification of communication channels ensure a greater visibility for your company. Therefore, DnA Motorsports provides various platforms to vehicle your image: logo(s) on the kart, logo(s) on racing clothes, monthly newsletters, website visibility, off-track clothes for resting pilots and staff, roll-up in the paddocks.

Great Opportunities

We understand taking care of your client is your priority. Therefore you have the opportunity to host them during major events, within extraordinary and dynamic surrounding. The pilots will be available to represent your company. 

We race with you

DnA Motorsports supports you in organizing an amazing team-building activity for your collaborators or commercial event for your client. DnA’s pilots will be racing with you, coaching and ensuring to make this event a thrilling experience.